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Agree or Disagree

As bad as plagiarism is, using a “PSA” to antagonize someone isn’t the way to do it. I’m in 100% agreement that passing something off as your own is stealing and pretty much illegal, at least in the creative community. Pointing fingers isn’t cool either. In fact, I feel worse for the person plagiarizing since being ganged up on leads to horrible things. What if this girl already hates herself? What if she’s suicidal? What if she’s almost succeeded her last suicide attempt? We say that we hate bullies, but the thing about bullies is we never know we’re even doing it and, as a matter of fact, this “Public Service Announcement” is bullying. So if we want to stop the plagiarism, let the bosses at Tumblr deal with them. Not just that. Do it on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media. Let the Tumblr cops deal with the guy. Don’t be the hero because in social networking, there are no such things as vigilantes. If they don’t do anything about it, just let it go. Shit happens. And, honestly, if you’re more worried about plagiarism than rape or violence or murder, maybe we need to rethink our priorities.


When there are no new posts in the Aaron Tveit tag:

When the only new posts in the Aaron Tveit tag are the roleplay posts:


90s aaron tveit was in x-files wow

Not only this guy, but if you look at Robert Redford, you can see a bit of Aaron in him too lol


Roleplay promos in the Tveit tag are getting really annoying.

Tveit, Lerman, Beaumon, Parrish…you ask, they’ve got it.


I think it’s self-explanitory….