Does Next to Normal really count?  Cause, I mean, if you want to get technical…

He was technically already dead lol

At first, I didn’t think much about the Mike Richards thing. Then, I heard Amy Poehler’s voice in my head saying, “Michael Richards” as Nancy Grace in the Matthew Fox episode of SNL. Wait…DID GRACELAND MEAN TO NAME MIKE AFTER KRAMER?!


UGH!!!! I wanna talk about the Graceland season 2 finale BUT NO ONE I KNOW WATCHES GRACELAND!!!!! LIKE, WHAT THE EFF?!?!?!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, WRITERS/PRODUCERS?!?!?! I hate season finales sometimes.

I need more friends anyway! Let’s talk!


Aaron Tveit on SVU?!?! I need to rewatch from season one to see who else is on SVU that I didn’t notice before!!!!!

This looks like his first episode. He had a bigger role in the episode “Personal Fouls”.
Is this some kind of twisted irony, Eastin?
All right, I had to. Caption this!


So I am pretty sure during the last scene that Briggs can run faster than that and could have caught Sid and Mike would be alive.

Exactly! He seemed to have just been jogging. My first thought was, “dude, your friend is about to be murdered. You might want to go a LITTLE faster than that.”


I think what bothers me about this fandom is that so many people are huge fans of Aaron (which is fine) but that they can’t look at Mike without blinders on because they love Aaron so much.

I love Aaron too thanks to Les Mis but I’m able to separate the actor from the character and realize that Mike Warren is not worth all of the blind defense he’s been getting. You are allowed to love Aaron and dislike Mike Warren. (You really are. I promise.)

I rooted for Mike to die, but I’m obsessed with Aaron. :P


I love his face here, he’s like a six-year old who just heard someone swearing, like “OHHHHHH … I’m telling!”
photo by thedepartedfairy